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The art and science of seeing each person as a whole being and creating a therapeutic design that adapts to their specific needs in the present moment.


In the heart of the Temazcal, an ancestral ritual designed to cleanse and nourish takes place in an atmosphere of respect and reverence. In its warmth, the soul finds a space of purification and rebirth that evokes Mother Earth’s welcoming womb. The Temazcal is a spiritual rebirth, surrender, and deep healing journey.

The Oratory

A sacred space dedicated to meditation and serenity. Conceived as a place of silence for soul contemplation and as part of a journey into the interior, disconnecting from the daily hustle and bustle to connect with calm and silence. Its peaceful and cozy atmosphere is conducive to reflection, introspection, and spiritual connection.


Nature’s effect on human well-being is a universal melody. We consider people’s lives part of a more extensive interaction system. In our gardens, each leaf and flower are notes that connect us with the most essential and pure, with the inner healing and energetic adjustment that occurs when we merge with the primordial mother.


Honors the universe created by Tibetan monks, which is full of geometry and symbolism. It is a space for contemplation, meditation, rebalancing energy, appreciating beauty, and connecting with the harmony that lives in the present moment.

Chromotherapy Pool

Our pool is designed with a therapeutic vibration technique that illuminates the water and the soul through its colors. It offers a sense of coherence, stimulates the senses, dissipates stress, and balances energy, inviting the soul to immerse in an ocean of calm and harmony.


Misión del Sol is home for everyone and welcomes its visitors with the same love that the Tibetan monks felt when making the hotel their home in Mexico. Here you will always find activities that will help you reconnect with your being.


Gardens and outdoor spaces


Pool bar

Pool with Chromotherapy

Spa & Wellness Center



Oratory for meditation

Shala and yoga area

Tennis court





Misión del Sol is more than a place; it is an intention.

Everything at Mision del Sol is based on science, consciousness, and vision to create a space that speaks to each person’s essence and frequency. That is why it is the ideal hotel in Morelos for relaxing, healing, expanding, or finding balance.

We are guardians of ancestral techniques and use their wisdom to create a specific and personal wellness experience for each guest because we understand that each one is a universe. We aim to accompany each person in regenerating themselves, the earth, and the physical and energetic spaces.

Misión del Sol is a vibration created in the community, with each person making and moving energy that becomes part of each sacred space that awakens consciousness.