Refuge for the Soul

A place of alchemy

A space of light, renewal, and healing.

Misión del Sol is an oasis of well-being and rest. Our priority is the renewal and restoration of body, mind, and spirit through personalized programs based on ancestral knowledge and contemporary wisdom.

Within the walls of our rooms and villas, bathed in the warm light of a sheltering sun, lies a perfect atmosphere of tranquility and privacy to reconnect with what truly matters in life.

Immerse yourself in a journey of revitalization and expansion of your inner universe.


Transformational well-being

Misión del Sol is a dance
between authenticity, tradition,
and technology, intertwined in
the architecture, services, and
therapies that weave the threads
of your heart's deepest desires,
wishes, and longings.

In the embrace of the sun, calmness is born,
Where the breeze whispers secrets of peace.
With each breath, serenity expands,
And with each beat, harmony awakens.

Each breath is an invitation to well-being,
Each step is an echo of freedom.
In this sanctuary of calm and beauty,
We immerse ourselves in the essence of being.
Here, from the heart,
We find the peace we yearn to become.

Rooms and Villas

An Oasis of well-being

Freedom to choose the way you wish to live and share
your revitalizing, and relaxing experience.


From the heart of the earth

Our dishes and flavors generate emotions and pamper the body,
giving it vital energy through a high culinary level.


Unprocessed organic ingredients


Surprising and nutritious options


Textures that are gifts from the region


We grow in nearby organic gardens


Incredible flavors in every drink

SOUL Philosophy

Our cuisine is "prana," which is prepared
from the origin. The menu follows the
SOUL philosophy, so each dish is prepared
with seasonal ingredients cultivated at home
or in neighboring gardens. The ingredients
are organic, natural, healthy, and local.


From body to soul

With six cabins equipped to provide
state-of-the-art techniques and
traditional energetic therapies by
our experts, the Mision del Sol SPA
honors the SPA principle by offering
an authentic experience full of meaning
in its rituals and hydrotherapy area.

A SPA, meaning Salute per l’Aqua,
is a healing environment with
treatments for the body and face
that provide comfort, restoration,
and well-being.

Relaxing massages

Revitalizing relaxation massages, deep tissue and sports massages.

Pre-Hispanic Ritual

Energetic cleansing. A massage with herbal warm compresses and facial.

Temazcal Healing

Ancestral ceremony and ritual cleansing the mind, body and soul.

Open Day Spa

Jacuzzi, sauna, massage and a choice of a 3-course lunch menu.


Light for the World

Ceremonies and


Our team is dedicated to guaranteeing excellence, personalization, and impeccable quality in corporate events. Any session is enriched with a series of activities and experiences based on the essence of Misión del Sol that nurture teamwork and the quality of the event.

For Misión del Sol, your celebration deserves to be an unforgettable experience. Whether you choose an intimate celebration or a luxurious reception, we seek to create a dream environment because we know it is a unique day that remains in the soul forever. We take care to make it impeccable.

Every corner is filled with elegance and charm, every moment is magical, and every detail is carefully designed to make the dream of a personalized and memorable event possible.

Our privileged space is an exceptional retreat location and an inspiring experience. Energy is focused on serving the purpose of each retreat held at Misión del Sol.