Misión del sol Spa

elevate the soul through the body

Visiting a spa is an act of self-love, generating time for oneself to reconnect with balance and rest. It is a space of healing, reconnection, and relaxation that caresses the soul.



9 am - 6 pm, Monday through Sunday

+52 777 130 7503


Wellness Pioneer in Mexico

Mision del Sol has created iconic massages worldwide,
integrating ancestral wisdom and grandparents' techniques
with scientific advances restoring balance to the body.

Pre-Hispanic Ritual

Energetic cleansing. A massage with herbal warm compresses and facial.

Temazcal Healing

Ancestral ceremony and ritual cleansing the mind, body and soul.

Open Day Spa

Jacuzzi, sauna, massage and a choice of a 3-course lunch menu.

Ice Ritual

Explore your inner strength and activate the hormones of happiness.

Relaxing Massage

Full body massage using balm and other relaxing elements.

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage focused on precise points points to decontract.

Sports Massage

Elimination of lactic acid avoiding contractures and reducing pain.


Massage with Ayurvedic medicine and Mexican massage techniques.


How to Spa

Practical Guide


We will be happy to help you define the best treatment for you and manage your reservation.


Before your arrival, ensure you have a confirmed reservation, and arrive 10 minutes before checking in.


Before your therapy and treatment, we suggest you take a shower to enjoy the service you booked.


If you have any medical conditions, please inform us and our therapists at the time of booking so that we can adjust to your needs.

Minimum Age

To ensure the comfort and safety in all our treatments, they are available from the age of 16.

Your Belongings

Please leave your belongings in your room and bring only what is necessary for the indications of each therapy.